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Willkommen zum ZALOA Club unlimited practise
Remember that constant practice is the key to improving your target language, improve your pronunciation and fluency by constantly practicing in our ZALOA Club.
You will find 10 categories that we have chosen for you in which there are topics of all kinds  work, business, school, hobbies, sports  and more, you’ll surely find something of your interest.
What to do?
Choose one of the categories, there you will see some sub topics that have questions to motivate your practice, imagine that you are answering these questions and record your voice message, video or write your text, when you have your content ready click on the button “upload file”.
What kind of content is allowed to upload?
It’s up to you, you can upload an audio, a video or a text.
Our recommendation is:
Text between 200 – 400 words
Video or audio between 2- 4 minutes
What happens next?
Within 3 days you will receive feedback from one of our native instructors on the content you submitted. Remember that this is unlimited practice, so you can submit more than one content.
What if i don’t find a topic?
Well, if there isn’t an interesting topic for you in our list, you choose your own!
In the last category “My own topic” you can upload a content of some topic of your interest, an assignment, homework, work’s presentation or whatever you need to practise.
This Cub is made for you and from you, so let us know if there’s a topic you suggest for us.
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