Mission & Philosophy

Our mission at ZALOA Languages is to show people from all over the world how easy and how much fun it can be to learn languages. We want you to really learn your target language!

Forget about taking classes for years and still not being able to speak the language.
Take classes at ZALOA Languages. Learn.Speak.Go!

Our philosophy is based in four languages:

We focus on the for us most important skill: SPEAKING!

From the very first classes, all our students are encouraged to speak their first sentences in the new language. Our aim is to help our students overcome the fear of speaking and to show them how amazing it is to communicate in a foreign language.

Taking classes with native teachers makes it possible for you to learn the correct pronunciation right from the beginning.

Our native teachers do not only teach you the grammar of your target language, they also share with you their culture, their way of thinking and working and make you discover another part of the world!

Have you ever tried to learn a language in a class with 15 or more people?
Did it work? Probably not, and this is exactly why we limit our group classes to max. 5 people!

Working in a small group will make you feel more comfortable and gives you the opportunity to practice your speaking every class while getting instant feedback from your teacher.

Limiting our groups to 5 people makes it possible to create a class methodology based on the needs of our students!

Whether you need the language for your job or internship, whether you want to prepare for an exam or whether you want to travel to the country where the language is spoken, we adapt the class structure to the needs of our students.