Our Team

Right now we have more then 30 native teachers from all over the world. The personality of our teachers is something we value and at Zaloa we have our own international family.

Management Team

Anja Spilker – Founder & CEO

I love sharing my passion for languages with people from all over the world!
My aim with ZALOA Languages is to show everybody how easy & fun it can be to learn a language! The key for me is to overcome the fears of speaking and to make  language learning part of our everyday life!

Nayeli Mulato – COO & English Coordinator

Learning new languages, knowing new cultures and having an open heart to new experiences, are for me essential tools for a happy life, Zaloa allows me not only to obtain them, but to share them and help others to develop them.

Dinah Dreher – HR & German Coordinator

Languages create bridges among different people and cultures and therefore, they make the whole world our home.

Brenda González – Communications, MKT & Events Officer

In order to learn and speak a new language, you must understand not only the grammar and pronunciation but the culture too. Cause that will lead you to the heart of the language. 
In Zaloa we like to know who our students are; their interests, dreams, and passions. We like to get to the heart of them to understand them and teach them in the best way possible.

Michelle Anaya – Spanish Coordinator

Maïté Abadie – French & Portuguese Coordinator

Language is an essential part of culture.
I’d like to help the students to understand language as a tool, not only for communication, but for cultural understanding and immersion.

To me, to speak another language is to be able to see the world in another way.

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