GO!Spanish is an incredible & innovative method to learn or improve your Spanish.

Learn Spanish fast and efficiently, such as the numerous students that have completed the program and can now successfully get by in a Spanish-speaking environment! 

Welcome to the GO! SPANISH waiting list.

If you’re here it’s because you are thinking of learning Spanish, great decision!!

By learning Spanish, you will open the doors to new cultures, enabling you to enjoy fully all of the amazing places the Spanish speaking countries have to offer, or perhaps working opportunities, but definitely, you will make a lot of new friends!

Learning a language is also the best way to invest in yourself by developing a new skill, and in GO!Spanish we will help you do so !

The GO!Spanish membership program includes:

Video Grammar Course

Forget about books… with these short videos and a simple, but effective structure, you’ll learn all the grammar rules and topics that you’re going to need to actually speak Spanish like a native.

Exercise Course

You feel like you need more practice? Of course! That’s very a very important part of your learning process. With the GO!Spanish you’ll get dozens of exercises to practice with that you can do while you’re on your coffee break, waiting for your uber or enjoying your coffee. You don’t need to download any PDFs, it’s all right there, available at our online academy.

Culture Hacks

This is a particularly important aspect of any language. As a native speaker, I’ll give you insights about how Spanish speakers express themselves, in short cultural bonus videos.


As a member, you’ll become part of the  ZALOA family. We want to actively participate in your learning process. Sharing your progess with our native speakers and other learners will help you keep motivated and learn faster.  

Are you ready to start exploring?

Being there during the learning process of our members is one of the most important aspects of our program, that’s why the GO!Spanish membership is a

“closed membership”

meaning that we open only a few times a year. So, if you want to become a member next time we open our doors, leave us your information below, and we will contact you for our next date, as well as a special Spanish BONUS.

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