Of all the languages spoken in the world, Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers (after Mandarin Chinese).

Approximately 400 million people speak Spanish natively.

So it’s no surprise that so many people want to learn to speak it! There’s a seemingly endless amount of opportunities that Spanish language proficiency can offer (think career, study and travel).

The key to start learning any language endeavor it’s having the right motivation.

If you plan to succeed at speaking Spanish then you have to ask yourself why you want to learn Spanish in the first place.

Here are some solid reasons to learn Spanish:

  • You need it for a career.
  • You’re moving to Mexico, Spain, or other Latin America country.
  • You have a Spanish-speaking partner and want to communicate with his/her family.
  • You’re undertaking a course with a component that requires you to learn Spanish.

Another key to start learning Spanish fast it’s finding the right method for you.

Before you can start learning, you need to have a bigger picture of what’s available at your fingertips.

The good AND bad news about Spanish is that the market is absolutely flooded with resources.

There is so much out there for learning Spanish! While this is great to hear because you’re not limited in any way, it can also be highly stressful because it’s hard to know which resources are high quality and which ones aren’t.

Our 15 Day Spanish Speaking Challenge can be a great way to start your journey or boost your existent knowledge!

You will have access to the online course on our virtual platform. There you will find a presentation with material for every day. Working on learning Spanish for at least half an hour every day will help you stay motivated. 

Also, having the opportunity to practice and learn with native instructors its a major key to Learn Spanish Fast. Because the instructor can take a look at your daily tasks and send you feedback so you don’t waste any time.








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