Online Classes 

At Zaloa we offer both face-to-face and online classes. With our virtual classroom, you can take your course from anywhere. Regardless of whether from a laptop, iPad, or cell phone … everything is possible. The platform is interactive and versatile. Check out our video, how the online classes work.

How does it work?

Online classes with ZALOA are super easy to handle and also a lot of fun!

Language Course

Do you already know which language you want to learn or maybe improve? This is the first step, click here to check out which languages we have to offer and click here, to get in contact with us, to talk about courses and schedules.

Link to class

When you have you course schedule, your teacher will send you an e-mail with the link to your class. The following steps are super easy:
Click on the link to our online platform, enter your name, give access to camera and microphone and you are set to start the course. Watch the video bellow to get an idea how easy it is.

Enjoy your class

We have a lot of students who say: ” I know myself, online learning is not for me!”
You will see, classes online are fun and super cool. Wether it’s an individual or an group class. In the virtual classroom you can do as much as in a face-to-face class: talk, write, mark or paint on the board, listen to audios, watch videos, share a website or an article … and so much more. It’s time to study online!

Which languages do we offer

Our Teachers are all natives and come from all over the world. For now we offer the following languages, but you can always send us a message, if you have questions about an other language you can’t find below. 


Take your classes from where ever you are. At home, at a café or Hotelroom, on vacation or at work during lunch break.

Virtual Class room

Our virtual classroom is more than just a lame online presentation. It’s an interactive class, where you will have to practice your skills: writing, reading, listening and most of all … speaking!

Native Teacher

Our teachers are all native speakers from all over the world. So you learn from an expert, and also the right pronunciation.