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15 Days
French challenge

You already have a good basic knowledge in French, but would like to review and practice the basics?
With the 15 DAYS FRENCH CHALLENGE you can check your current level and review the most important topics.


As a challenge participant, you will have access to the course in our online academy. In this academy you will find the material and activities for each day, a task to send in an audio by WhatsApp, and the accompaniment of a native teacher who reviews your tasks. The WhatsApp group serves as a forum to deliver daily assignments, which the teacher reviews daily, making corrections and comments to each person in the group. The great advantage of this course is that it is completely virtual, so you can do it anywhere and anytime you can.

Online course

You will have access to the online course on our virtual platform. There you will find a presentation with material for every day.


Every day there will be a specific task on the daily topic that you send to the Challenge Whatsapp group via audio message.


Feedback exchange

The instructor will take a look at the daily tasks and send feedback. In addition, the group should also serve as a course forum and one can ask questions and support and correct each other.

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The Topics …

Among other things we will review the following topics:

When does it start?

The challenge begins on Friday, March 20th and ends on Friday, April 3rd. The time you have to dedicate to it is approximately 30min / day (20min working with the material in the online academy and 10min for the voice messages on WhatsApp)

Is this Challenge for me?

If you want to start learning French – this challenge is for you! We will start from the beginning, with important things like the right pronounciation or presenting yourself. Doing the challenge with other people is also a motivating factor to continue and not give up halfway. The course approach is extremely practical, since it is not enough to do the exercises in writing, but the main task is to send the audio, in which you gather the elements of each day in an oral expression.