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Package 1:
Introduction to the Spanish Language: Grammar Video Course – Level A1.1

Course Description

Ready to learn Spanish? Let’s GO!

This package provides you 6-month unlimited access to 20 video sessions of Spanish grammar explanations. Each session has up to 5 videos between 10-12 minutes long. Each video session is especially designed to be fun, concise and easy to follow. You will be guided, step by step, through the language with entertaining and easy-to-digest explanations. Test your skills after each session with a short quiz and then move on to the next session right away. 

Our aim with the GO! video courses is to give you ultimate freedom. With our 6-month access course, you can learn at your own pace. What’s more you can learn whenever and whenever you want. Our course adapts to your schedule so you can make the most of a coffee break at work, brush up on grammar while brushing your teeth or practice some pronunciation while waiting at a train station.

What if you didn’t catch something? Don’t worry, you can always pause, repeat or go back to session whenever you want.

GO! Spanish will show you that Spanish is not only easy to learn but you can learn it anywhere and anytime you want!

Presentation of the course.

The Grammar video course is divided into 20 videos with up to 5 videos each lasting between 10 – 12 minutes. After each session you will find a short quiz to make sure you know how to apply the learned content. In order to unlock the next video, you will need to complete the previous session and answer the questions at the end.

If you didn’t understand anything feel free to ask your question in the comment section and our team will answer you as soon as possible.

Grammar is the foundation of a language but, in order to speak Spanish, practice is the key to unlocking your superpower! Taking this course grants you access to enter our fantastic speaking sessions (included in package 3). These speaking sessions are dedicated to giving you maximum speaking practice whilst be guided by professional native instructors. To further boost your grammar skills, we highly recommend purchasing our additional exercise course (included in package 2).

Who is it for?

GO! Spanish is especially designed for anyone who wants to start of their journey into this beautiful language. If you are planning a visit to Latin America, this course is guaranteed to give you a solid foundation of the language whilst also providing you with essential pronunciation tips from a native professional.  Not only that, but you will discover about the amazingly rich and diverse culture and different customs of Latin America.

Even if you have already picked up some Spanish words before, this course is the ideal way to reinforce and build on your knowledge. So, no matter what your motivation, whether it’s travel or simply learning a new language for fun, this course is for anyone who wants to learn Spanish no matter where they are!

What’s more, upon completion, you will receive a certificate: the perfect opportunity to brighten up your CV and help you stand out from the rest! 

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Immediate access to the course

Access from anywhere in the world

Participation Certificate

Access for 6months

what will you learn?

Efficient and innovative

You will learn the Spanish language in the most efficient way using an innovative method especially created by native experts


You will learn how to pronounce Spanish words with expert tips from native professionals


 You will learn the structure of questions and answers, allowing you to hold small talk conversations, order in restaurants and much, much more

Different Tenses

You will be introduced to different tenses, including the past and future tenses allowing you to express yourself in a variety of different situations


You will be introduced to the rich and wonderfully diverse culture of Latin America and discover cultural norms and customs in different countries such as Mexico. 

Various useful topics

You will explore a variety of valuable and diverse topics from family and home to food and weather and many more. 

Gain superpower

You will learn Spanish with ease and confidence and, most importantly, you will be well on your way to unlocking your new superpower! 


Nayeli Mulato


The instructor of this course is Nayeli Mulato, a Spanish native speaker, passionate Mexican, who discovered her vocation by teaching her mother tongue while living abroad, and now with more than 5 years of experience. She believes that helping others to learn Spanish is the best way to share a bit of her culture and spread her love for Mexico.
Being constantly looking for new ways of selfdevelopement, she has found through language learning a way to connect with different cultures and people, which she hopes to share with her students so that, through practice, they reach fluency.