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GO! German A2.1 

Package 3:

German Grammar Video Course + Exercise Course + 20 Speaking Sessions

– Level A2.1

Course Description

Time to GO! and talk like a pro!

This amazing package is a step beyond in mastering your superpower! This package offers you 20 live speaking sessions with professional natives as well as all the material from packages 1 and package 2. This package is the ultimate tool to take you beyond the basics of the language and have you speaking it like a real pro!

Unlike most other language courses, The GO! speaking package allows you to learn the grammar in your own time with our video sessions and additional exercises. This eliminates the need for lengthy grammar explanations during our speaking sections and allows you the room to shine. With this unique approach we can focus 100% on helping you to speak with confidence. With your good understanding of basic German, our native instructors will focus on guiding you beyond simple chit-chat and allow you to express yourself with more complex and intricate language.

We limit our speaking sessions to a maximum of 5 people to ensure you get plenty of time to speak and express new ideas on a variety of topics. Our native professionals are always ready to guide you through pronunciation, to assist you in perfecting your grammar and help you master your superpower to speak like a true native!

Presentation of the course

The Grammar video course. This course is divided into 20 videos of 15 – 20 minutes. After each session you will find a short quiz to make sure you know how to apply the learned content. In order to unlock the next video, you will need to complete the previous session and answer the questions at the end.  If you didn’t understand anything feel free to ask your question in the comment section and our team will answer you as soon as possible.

The exercise course consists of 400+ optional exercises that help you practice and reinforce what you learn during the video sessions. You can skip through exercises and focus on the topics you want need to improve on!

The speaking sessions: 20 live sessions with native instructors that can be taken online in our professional virtual classrooms or in our headquarters in Cholula (Puebla, Mexico). The live sessions are adapted to the content of the video sessions which is why it’s crucial to watch the video sessions before entering the speaking sessions. Our native instructors will help you with the pronunciation, how to construct sentences correctly and give you great tips and useful advice! We will also create a WhatsApp group for you and your fellow members of the speaking sessions. Here you will not only receive additional motivation but you will also have the opportunity to practice speaking through voice messages.


  • The speaking sessions follow a specific schedule (usually 2 sessions per week) After having booked the package, you will receive access to our calendar from which you can pick the group that best fits your schedule!
  • In case none of the offered times suit your schedule, you can add a schedule on the wish list and we guarantee to find you something within 3 months of booking.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone who has completed our GO! German A1 courses and wants to go beyond and master the full strength of their superpower! This course is for those who are eager to develop their confidence with speaking the language and feel comfortable discussing a wide variety of topics with native speakers.

Are you planning to go to Germany? This course will launch your speaking confidence to a whole new level and push you beyond basic small talk.  Have the self-assurance to have a real and meaningful conversation with native speakers. Speak about a huge range of issues and subjects using the new grammar and vocabulary you learned in the video sessions. With this course you will not only be able to order what you want in a restaurant but you will feel comfortable to express yourself to locals, make deeper connections and forge new friendships. This package is for those who not only want to understand a language but who want to be understood when they use it!

What’s more, upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate: the perfect opportunity to brighten up your CV and help you stand out from the rest!

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Immediate access to the course

Access from anywhere in the world

2 Participation Certificates

Access for 6month 

400+ optional exercices


20 Speaking Sessions with native speakers

what will you learn?

Gain superpower

You will become a confident German speaker with a much richer palate of vocabulary and grammar to express yourself from and, most importantly, you will begin to master your command of your superpower!


You will continue to master pronunciation with expert tips and you will have the chance to practice all that you learned by speaking with professional native instructors!


You will build a much broader range of German vocabulary and become competent and confident to speak about a great variety of more complex subjects while being guided by our native experts!

Different Tenses

You will master different tenses and discover whole new and more intricate forms of expressions allowing you to construct far more detailed and interesting structures.


You will learn how to handle more technical German grammar from conjunctions to reflexive pronouns in a way that makes it not only easy to understand but also fun to learn.

German advanced

You will learn about speaking in the passive voice, master modal verbs, perfect prepositions and pronouns and learn to read German texts plus much, much more!

Ability to talk

Our native instructors will guide you beyond simple small talk conversation and you will develop the ability to talk about more complex issues and subjects with real native speakers.


You will have the chance to practice with hundreds of especially designed quizzes and exercises to ensure that you fully understand all of the new concepts and points discussed in the videos.


Anja from Alemania


The instructor of this course is Anja from Alemania, a German native speaker with more than 10 years of teaching experience in different countries all over the world. Anja is a polyglot having studied over 10 languages and speaking 5 of them fluently. Being the founder of ZALOA Languages and a passionate language learner herself, her focus is on creating efficient content and motivating her students to not give up until they reach an intermediate-advanced level. She believes that really everyone is able to learn foreign languages and is passionate about showing people how to learn German.