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Through our innovative approach of combining self-study grammar programs with online speaking sessions or chats, you will lose your fear of speaking and you’ll be able to hold your first conversation after only a few sessions! Learn.Speak.Go!

German Grammar video course

Video courses for all levels. Every level includes 20 videos of 15 to 20 minutes as well as a few exercises. Don’t be afraid of grammar, we’ll show you how to speak and write correctly! With the help of our step-by-step explanations, you’ll see how easy it is to understand and use correct grammar. If you have already started to learn the language and you are not sure about your current level, take our placement test!

Recommendation: Since learning a language is all about practice, we recommend you to book our full package including additional exercises and online sessions of speaking practise with native teachers! Learn.Speak.Go!


The sessions of speaking practice can be taken individually or in small groups of maximum 5 people! Group courses of levels from A1 to B1 are based on our grammar video courses which means that in order to book those courses, you must take the grammar video course as well. Every speaking course includes 20 sessions of 60min with native teachers

Why should you waste your time and study the theory for years if you could just start speaking right from the beginning? We believe that in order to really learn a language, it is absolutely crucial to learn how to speak it. Our native teachers will help you to learn the correct pronunciation and to overcome the fear of speaking! Practice makes perfect! Learn.Speak.Go!

30 days challenge

During the challenges, you will learn the basics of a language within 30 days!
From presenting yourself and asking others for personal information to numbers, regular & irregular verbs in the present tense and past tense, basic vocabulary – everything you need to know to hold a basic conversation! Enjoy the independent & fun way of learning a language!
This is how the 30days challenge works:
  • For 30 days you will receive material to study every day 30min (including speaking exercises).
  • You will be added to a WhatsApp group to practice your speaking as well as to exchange doubts and questions with other participants!
  • Your speaking will be corrected in the WhatsApp group by one of our native teachers.
  • On the last day of the challenge you will need to do a short presentation in your target language (online or in Cholula).
  • Share your progress and learning moments in your Instagram stories using the hashtag #ZaloaChallenge, the last day of the month you will be part of our raffle and will have the chance to win 3 individual classes of 60 min with a native teacher. The more you share the more chances you have to win