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We’re ZALOA Languages, founded in 2015, we follow our mission to show people from all over the world how easy and how much fun it can be to learn languages. With the help of our native teachers, we want you to really learn your target language!

During the past years, we have helped over 4000 people reaching their goal of speaking their target language fluently and not giving up during the process. Forget about taking classes for years and still not being able to speak the language. Take classes at ZALOA Languages. 

About Our Courses

We offer online courses in our virtual classroom on our platform as well as offline courses here in our institute.

Expert Teachers

Instructors with recognized trajectory and experience in each of the areas.

Immediate access

Once your payment is received, you get immediate access to the course and all the material.

online & Offline

Study via the Internet, or take face-to-face clases here in our language institute.

Testimonials From our GO!German Students

The content provided in Go! German is superb. And we were held accountable just like you would see in a traditional classroom but unlike the traditional classroom we had the flexibility to learn from wherever was convenient! This made the experience all the more enjoyable.”


The money I paid for the GO! German method was very well invested. The grammar part in
the videos was very well explained. What I liked most about the speaking sessions is that they made us to speak in German all the time!
The speaking sessions were very practical!


As someone who loves learning new languages, I have tried different learning methods and I think that GO! German is a great method for people who work or are busy during the day because it gives you the opportunity to learn at your own time and take the class anywhere
you want!


Our Blog

See you online

See you online

Der digitale Wandel hat das Potenzial ungeahnte Möglichkeiten für den Unterricht und den Lernprozess zu bieten. Viele Menschen stehen dem noch kritisch gegenüber und trauen dem Phänomen der Digitalisierung nicht wirklich über den Weg. Auch ich war vorher nicht...

Wahrheit oder Klischee?

Wahrheit oder Klischee?

Amerikaner sind alle übergewichtig... Franzosen sprechen nur Französisch... Asiaten essen den ganzen Tag Reis...   Klischees und Vorurteile gibt es ja eigentlich über jedes Land und seine Bewohner. Manchmal ist auch was wahres dran und manchmal entwickelt sich...

English words with french accent

English words with french accent

Of course my horse!   Dans la colonne d’aujourd’hui, je souhaiterais vous rappeler à quel point le français est facile! Vous parlez déjà anglais? Et bien, c’est encore plus facile… Il faut juste adapter vos oreilles et votre prononciation! Il s’agit de ce qu’on...

¡Ay caramba, eso sí que pica!

¡Ay caramba, eso sí que pica!

Hoy les comparto unos datos sobre algo que cualquier extranjero debe de saber al llegar a México. Primero, hay que saber que el chile no es sólo un alimento cualquiera para nosotros los mexicanos. Lo ponemos con todo: sopas, caldos, dulces, e incluso en los champús!...

¿Ser Maestro o estar Maestro?

¿Ser Maestro o estar Maestro?

En el mes de mayo en México hay muchas celebraciones, desde el 1° de mayo que se trata de una fecha internacional hasta el 23 “Día del estudiante” que es una celebración muy local y aparentemente no oficial ya que, incluso dentro del país he encontrado personas que no...