Mini-Guide to speak German

Would you like to surprise a German speaking friend talking to him in German?

The Mini-Guide to speak German includes a little pronunciation training + 6 expressions that are easy to remember and very useful to surprise a German speaking friend and make him/her laugh because he/she would never expect you to say something in German!

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About the creator

Who is Anja from Alemania?
Since you will probably not only open the PDF attached to this email, but also watch the video that includes explanations regarding the pronunciation, that means you will also see my face and therefore I would like to introduce myself briefly:
I am Anja from Alemania, as my name says, originally from Germany but I actually left my home country more than 10 years ago to teach German in different countries all over the world (and to learn new languages myself )!

Having learned over 10 languages myself, I truly believe that everyone can learn German and any other language, you just need to forget about those learning strategies they teach you at school and use more efficient ones!   —@anja_from_alemania

Read what other users said after using the expressions explained in the Mini-Guide to Speak German:

“I used the “Stimmt” when my boyfriend tried to explain me how to wash our car. When I said it the first time, he didn’t even get that I was talking to him in German and when I repeated “Stimmt Lukas!”, he immediately stopped with his useless explanations and we both started laughing! He obviously guessed that I had learned it from you and now he thinks that I should learn more :wink:”

Sarah (originally from Québec)

“Jajajaja, mil gracias Anja, ayer utilicé 2 frases con mi jefe alemán y hoy me invitó por primera vez a una junta con los gerentes de mi área!” – Jorge from Puebla (Mexico)

Jorge from Puebla (Mexico)