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Exclusive Ticket for Content Creators – Polyglot Conference 2022


About this event

This is an exclusive ticket for Content Creators participating in the meetup organized by Spring Languages and ZALOA Languages on Friday, October 28.

The Polyglot Conference is an annual conference for everyone who loves language.

More information about the Polyglot Conference: https://cholula.polyglotconference.com/

Disclaimer: As a participant, I have read and agree to the terms of the Polyglot Conference Code of Conduct on the website (https://polyglotconference.com/code-of-conduct).
I will behave in a way that promotes a positive environment for all, so that we all feel included, valid and welcome. I will respect the privacy and boundaries of others. I agree to participate in the Polyglot Conference with the knowledge that my image and/or words may be in the public domain. I understand that any material publicly transmitted by Polyglot Conference will be featured and I have a responsibility to avoid being identified, if that is my wish. The Polyglot Conference will not purposely identify individual participants by full name and photo publicly at any time, unless you freely add such details for posting. Images can only be used as a generic screenshot without adding names or tags. Likewise, I agree not to label or identify other participants without their consent. I also agree not to share or copy links to or materials from Polyglot Conference Global outside of Polyglot Conference Global.

I understand that traveling to another place I must ensure that I have adequate travel insurance, financial coverage and provisions for my trip. I understand that the Covid regulations change and that the Polyglot Conference will follow the local guidelines established by the authorities in Cholula.

REFUND POLICY: WE CANNOT issue any refunds. If you have issues with your ticket, access, or an emergency, you can always email us and we’ll be happy to help find a solution where possible.