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Let’s get to know more about our Team

ZALOA Languages is a Mexican based company offering language learning with native teachers! Our native teachers do not only teach you the grammar of your target language and correct your speaking, they also share with you their culture, their way of thinking and working and make you discover another part of the world!

Click on the pictures to see a little video presentation.


Founder & CEO

  • since 2015
  • Team: “Deutsch mit ZALOA”
  • Passion: learning & sharing languages, entrepreneurship with impact, hats 
  • Favorite Food: Green juice & everything healthy & vegan
  • Goal: never stop learning & making a positiv impact in this world



  • since 2016
  • Team: “Spanish with ZALOA”
  • Passion: Share everything about Mexican culture 
  • Favorite Food: Tacos 
  • Goal: Share positive aspects about Mexico and Spanish, to enhance the perception of my beloved country.


Junior Customer Success Manager

  • since 2021
  • Team: “Deutsch mit ZALOA”
  • Passion: Futbol & Traveling
  • Favorite Food:Tacos y quesadillas al pastor
  • Goal: Integrate myself 100% in Mexico and always enjoy life


HR & GO! Spanish Officer

  • since 2017
  • Team: “Spanish with ZALOA”
  • Passion: Sharing my knowledge with others
  • Favorite Food: Mole with Chicken
  • Goal: Generate a positive change in people’s lives


Head of Marketing

  • since 2019
  • Team: “Deutsch mit ZALOA”
  • Passion: Traveling, Culture & Marketing
  • Favorite Food: Chilaquiles & Schwabenpfändl
  • Goal: Learn to play piano & speaking Portuguese 


Marketing Officer

  • since 2019
  • Team: “Deutsch mit ZALOA” & “Spanish with ZALOA”
  • Passion: Dancing
  • Favorite Food: Ravioli
  • Goal: Conocer más idiomas y culturas


Marketing Officer

  • since 2020
  • Team: “Spanish with ZALOA”
  • Passion: Cooking & books
  • Favorite Food: Chips fuego 
  • Goal: Living every day like it’s the last one 
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