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Vamos a la Playa!!! Every year, thousands of students celebrate their spring break vacation with friends. And what better place to do it than the beach? Especially after having spent the cold and grey winter months studying for exams. 

Many students choose to celebrate their spring break in Mexico. The main areas usually being “Baja California” and “Yucatán” because of their famous beaches Los Cabos, Cancún and Playa del Carmen. 

With so many students from Mexico, the US and Canada, as well as other countries, there are a lot of different cultures and languages meeting in one same place. 

This Blog article aims to get you up to speed with some of the vocabulary essentials and slang terms you need to know for your perfect spring break experience! 😊



  • Beach, Please!
  • Sea You Soon!
  • Tropical State of Mind
  • Give Me Palm Trees & 80 Degrees
  • Salty Vibes Only



If you plan on hitting the beach, you should definitely take the following things with you:


In case you get thirsty, go hit a nearby Beach-Bar! And trust me when I say, the search will not be long… There is definitely a large number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you can get, along with some snacks.

Here a list of common drinks you might like: 

For the ones who like it classic: 

Mexican beer:

  • Una Corona: We all know and love it
  • Una Pacífico: Some say its Mexico’s best light beer
  • Una Dos XX Ambar: More intense in it’s flavour 
  • Una Cucapá: A craft beer that tastes like summer

Cocktail classics: 

  • Una margarita: Try it with strawberry 😊
  • Una pina colada: Beach vibes guaranteed!
  • Un mojito: Always an excellent choice
  • Una paloma: As Mexican as it gets: Tequila with grapefruit-lemonade

Non-Alcoholic drinks:

  • Una Coca: Normal or sugar-free (Light)
  • Una limonada: With either regular or mineral water
  • Un agua del día: Fresh fruit water
  • Un agua natural: The most classic drink there is

Aaand how should you order them



 Well, since you are already there and the vibes are salty, why not talk to the handsome stranger over there? 

Here is a selection of Flirt phrases that might help to break the ice:

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It is about all the Beach, Bar and Flirt Essentials that we recommend.

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Hi I am Theresa from Germany 😊

Living in Mexico for about 2 years now has not only taught me Spanish but so much more about the beautiful culture and country that I can call my home for now. I am always curious to learn a new language. Therefore helping others to open their world by learning new languages is a beautiful aspect of my work at Zaloa. 




aims to to try or plan to achieve something
essential completely necessary; extremely important in a particular situation
slang very informal words and expressions that are more common in spoken language, especially used by a particular group of people
handsome good-looking, attractive
to hit the beach to go to the beach